Excerpt (in English)

A 360 PROJECT REVIEW is a health check of projects and it consists of

  • A 360° analysis process that reveals the strenghts and challenges of a project.
  • A report including observations and recommendations of the consultant.
  • A final workshop giving the project direction and means to increase the possibility of success.

The 360 PROJECT REVIEW is based on people and therefore it is

  • Independent of project model and method.
  • Independent of how the project is organised.
  • Independent of how far the project has come.

The process has four stages and is normally completed within approximately one week. The data analysis is based on a questionare evaluating 12 KPIs and 35 PIs. The questionare is given to a broad representative selection of stakeholders, e.g. the steering group, project team, selected persons from collaborators, suppliers, users/customers etc.

Have a look at the automatic Google Translated documents explaining the process, the results and the value proposition, and feel free to contact us for more information.